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Attention all CEO’s, CTO’s, VP’s of Engineering, startup founders, software development managers, engineering team leads, and anyone else who needs a few good engineers.

Recruiting Hacks is the hiring guide you can take with you anywhere.

With over 20 chapters of awesome content – plus free email templates, tons of sample interview questions, & hiring strategies drawn from hundreds of top CTO’s and engineering managers – we take the mystery out of making an awesome technical hire.

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Why Recruiting Hacks?

“For years, I’ve looked up to Kate Matsudaira as a thought leader in building strong teams and strong cultures. From her talks on team building and recruiting to her blog posts, she has been a consistent source of insight and practical battle-hardened lessons.

Recruiting Hacks wraps up all of this knowledge into a thoughtful, structured, collection of content that I can read from end to end or pick from as needed. Dive into some of the free content first. I think you’ll have a hard time stopping there. :)”   – Donald D.


“I’d never done any HR work before, but was called upon to lead a recruiting effort at my small-but-growing office and needed to become an expert fast. I was so relieved to find Recruiting Hacks.Their email templates and simple how-to’s have saved me hours of work! I recommend Recruiting Hacks to anyone who needs to build – and retain - a great team fast.”   -Brett M.