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What is Recruiting Hacks?

Recruiting Hacks is your ultimate guide to hiring and building an amazing engineering team.

There are a million ways the hiring process can go wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource that answers all your more pressing hiring questions? What about tips to help you streamline and unify your recruiting process? And templates to make communication quick and easy?

Recruiting Hacks is all of that, plus a little more.

We interviewed dozens of recruiters, and over 50 different hiring managers and CTOs to compile the best advice and guidance on building a recruiting process.  Everything you’ll ever need to know about making a technical hire is contained in these electronic pages, from posting an eye-catching job ad to sending your new hire an awesome welcome basket, and everything in between.

There are even sample emails, job descriptions, offer letters, and interview questions you can take directly from this site and start using today.

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Who is Recruiting Hacks?


Kate Matsudaira

Prior to joining my first startup, I had already done over 400 software developer interviews, and eventually rose to the rank of Bar Raiser at Amazon. I knew how to ask great questions and evaluate candidates, and how to train people to interview, but there were so many parts of the process I didn’t know. I had never been in a position where I had to write software, lead a team, and source and hire more people to help me – which most startup leaders do all the time – and juggling all those balls was overwhelming.

Over the last 7 years I have hired over 100 engineers, and in that time I’ve learned a whole lot. In the last 2-3 years, people have begun to seek me out as a resource to help with hiring, and the hiring and interview section on my blog continues to be one of the most popular. I decided to build this site to share everything I have learned in my career about recruiting, interviewing, and hiring. I wanted to create the resource I wish existed when I took my first CTO role 7 years ago.

kate sKate Stull

I have been writing about startups, entrepreneurship, and leadership for the last several years, but have focused my work most recently on recruiting and hiring amazing engineering teams. In creating the content for this site, I had the opportunity to interview recruiters, hiring managers, and CTO’s to find out how they manage their recruitment processes and what the biggest challenges they dealt with. I found out where they struggled, where they excelled, and what they wish they had to help them.

From there, Kate and I compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and found out their answers; we tackled some of the biggest challenges and found solutions. Then we assembled them all into one big Recruiting Hacks website.


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