One Thing You Can Do *Today* To Improve Your Hiring

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Creating a successful hiring system isn’t easy. Being a company that does hiring well goes down deep, into the heart of your culture and corporate processes, and it’s not the kind of thing you can start doing overnight.

Luckily, every big change starts with one — then many — small changes.

What’s one thing you can do to improve your hiring today?

Go to your “About Us” page — right now.

When was the list time you looked at your company’s About page? If you’re like most people, it’s probably when you were either writing it yourself, or reading it in preparation for your own interview at the company.

And while you haven’t been there in a while, the people applying for jobs with you have. For potential candidates this is one of the first (if not the first) place they’ll go to learn more about you, so it matters that what you have there is impactful.

Did you know the About Us page is the number one most visited page on almost every website?

Head over there and check out what you’re working with. Do the values listed still match up with the values you hold highest today? Are you values even listed? Is the company photo from an off-site 12 years ago when you had the old mascot you haven’t been using since 2002? Do you even have a company photo?

Here’s a big question: Does your About Us page mention that you’re hiring? Link to your Jobs page, or better yet, make a pitch to potential candidates right there on the About page. Advertise culture, perks, challenges, opportunities. Get them excited.

Take a moment today to think about your About page and how it can be improved.

An outstanding About Us page doesn’t just list your address and mission statement. It’s So let this one page speak for your whole organization. What are you all about? What’s it like to work there? What are you excited about? Where are you going?

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the very best About Us pages we’ve seen recently…

Mailchimp | SEOmoz | BKWLD | Level | Airbnb

Candidates want to know about your company, but what they really want to know is what it will be like for them if they start working there. Paint the best picture you can, and spruce up this oh-so important but commonly ignored opportunity to win the hearts of amazing candidates.

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