Premium consulting with the Recruiting Hacks team.

Whether you need to completely overhaul your company’s hiring processes, or just want to bring in an expert to help with a round of interviews, Recruiting Hacks can help you out.

We’ll create a completely custom package that fits exactly what you need. Services include:

.. Going over current job descriptions and company “about” page
.. Defining a recruiting strategy to bring in the kind of candidates you want to hire
.. Talking through hiring process logistics
.. Creating strategies to improve efficiency and quality
.. Reviewing interview feedback for “hires” and “no hires” and devising strategies to improve interview questions and assessments to make sure every hire is a good hire.

Interested? Please contact us for pricing and details.

Express 60-minute consult.

For the team that knows their hiring process is good but could be better. In this 60-minute session, we’ll give you actionable advice and specific strategies to improve the effectiveness of your recruiting and hiring.

Topics might include:

.. Expanding and altering recruiting strategies
.. Developing more effective interview questions
.. Creating strategies to streamline interview and debrief processes

An express consult with Recruiting Hacks is $499. Contact us to set up a meeting.

Recruiting Hacks premium content.

The ultimate guide to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring your future engineering dream team is at your fingertips. The Recruiting Hacks website has over 20 chapters of awesome hiring information, and includes:

.. Templates for all stages of candidate communication
.. A sample job offer letter AND sample recruiting contract
.. An expansive list of software engineer interview questions
.. Real-world job descriptions and critiques
.. Templates and guidelines for writing the best job description ever

By joining the Recruiting Hacks site, you’ll have access to the most commonly asked hiring questions and their answers, and a step-by-step guide that will take you from job description to job offer.

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