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Table Of Contents

How Do I Create A Truly Amazing Job Posting?

| elements of a great posting | where to post | multiple postings | a/b testing |

What Does An Awesome Job Listing Look Like?

| job listing mad libs | bad job postings |

How Do I Attract Amazing Referral Candidates to My Organization?

| building an online presence | hangouts | networking | cold contacts | employee referrals |

How Can I Use Social Media for Recruiting?

| why social media | linkedin | facebook and twitter | blogging | maintaining your profile |

What Are The Best Methods For Managing Candidates?

| creating a system | delegating | scheduling and tracking | tracking software |

What Do I Need to Know About Using Recruiters?

| why hire a recruiter | good recruiters | interviewing recruiters | negotiating |

What Does a Recruiter Contract Look Like?

| template for a recruiter contract |

How Can I Evaluate Candidates Without Interviewing Everyone?

| reading resumes | identifying candidates | strategic evaluation | red flags |

When and How Should I Communicate With Rejected Or On-The-Fence Candidates?

| candidate surveys | diamonds in the rough | rejected candidate email templates |

How Do I Manage The First Phone Screens?

| organizing candidates | preparation | interview topics | candidate questions | feedback |

How Do I Set Up A Technical Phone Screen?

| rejecting candidates | setting up 2nd meetings | homework problems |

How Do I Conduct A Technical Phone Screen?

| setting up | sample interview questions | coding | giving hints | long-distance candidates |

What Are The Best Ways to Prepare For On-Site Interviews?

| training | interview loops | preparing questions | smart scheduling |

How Do I Run An Awesome On-Site Interview?

| interview questions | training | interview structure | tips | strategic questions |

What Are The Best Software Engineer Interview Questions?

| a lifetime supply of completely awesome engineer interview questions |

What Happens After The On-Site Interview?

| debrief strategies | rejecting candidates| split votes | debrief alternatives |

How Can I Do An Effective Reference Check?

| when to reach out | sample questions | making the call | alternative reference checks |

I’m Ready To Make An Offer – What’s The Next Step?

| salary requests | negotiating effectively | equity | sealing the deal |

How Can I Negotiate A Great Offer?

| timeline | creating an offer | pursuing a win-win | fair pay and employee value |

What Does A Job Offer Letter Look Like?

| template for an offer letter |

They Said “Yes”. Now What?

| avoiding “buyer’s remorse” | welcome packages | new employee toolkits | keep improving |

How Can I Make Sure My New Hire Has An Awesome Onboarding Experience?

| why onboard | onboarding timeline | identifying mentors | leader 1:1s |

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