What you absolutely have to know about recruiting a technical cofounder.

In an awesome post on the trouble with finding a technical cofounder, the team at Launchbit came to these 5 conclusions about what you — the non-technical founder — need to bring to the table in order to recruit the kind of high-level talent you want:

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  1. Bring something to the table. Preferably it will be prior entrepreneurship experience but if not, bring connections, marketing and business development skills, funding, etc.
  2. Get sales, users, sign-ups — any concrete evidence to show that you have a web idea that people want.  Have a validated idea that has a high probability of success for everyone in the startup.
  3. Be realistic. Be realistic about your idea and your market. (“Be realistic. Engineers can handle negative information.”)  Understand the competitive space of your idea. Be able to talk about your competitors’ products and differentiate your product.
  4. Present a clear execution plan for the roles people will play, where everyone will be pulling their weight and doing their job.  You are not an idea-guy/girl.  Your role needs to be operational.
  5. Build rapport with your potential cofounder. You’re gonna need chemistry between the founders and a great team dynamic is invaluable.

Why do these things matter so much?

Because when you have an amazing idea for a business, but lack the technical skill to turn it into a reality yourself, you are going to have to rely on this other person to make it happen for you. This means finding a person you can rely on and trust with your vision — and that is no easy feat.

Not only are the best of the best often not looking for a new, low-paying, high-risk venture with a non-technical person who thinks their idea is the next Google, but even the less qualified applicants you find will want more than an employee credit in a company that couldn’t have existed without their technical expertise.

This means knowing exactly who you need to hire, and when, and how you’ll convince them to join your team.

It won’t be easy, but luckily — Recruiting Hacks has already done some of the heavy lifting for you!

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cofounder ebook coverThis free resource also contains:

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